Kitsutsuki to Ame


The Woodsman and the Rain


Let's make a zombie movie

Movie Data

Title: The Woodsman and the Rain
Original title: キツツキ と 雨 Kitsutsuki to Ame
Published: 2011
Length: 129 minutes

Director: Shuichi Okita
Script: Shuichi Okita, Fumio Moriya

Kōji Yakusho - Katsuhiko Kishi, the woodsman
Shun Oguri - Koichi Tanabe, the director
Tsutomu Yamazaki - an old filmstar
Kengo Kora - Koichi Kishi, the son of the woodsman
Kanji Furutachi - Torii, the director of the production


Katsuhiko lives in a remote landscape in central Japan and works as a lumberjack. His wife died three years ago. The relationship with his only son Koichi is difficult because Koichi does not meet his father's expectations.
One day, Katsuhiko comes into contact with Mr. Torii, the leader of a film team, and the young director Koichi Tanabe. Reluctantly, he helps them find a place to some takes. He is also asked to act in a zombie scene. The next day he is invited to watch the filmed scenes. He then meets the young director in a public bathroom and takes him to the train station upon his request. The director is surprised by Katsuhiko's interest in the film and leaves him the script. He wants to escape to Tokyo. Two members of the film crew can capture the director at the station.
The director comes to Katsuhiko to retake the script. They spend time as father and son while Katsuhiko's son is in Tokyo.
The next day, the director must film the subsequent scenes. However, he does not feel able to make a decision about actor change initiatives. Then he asks Katsuhiko, who is now all day with the crew, for his opinion. Katsuhiko discovers that very few actors are available to play an anti-zombie battalion. Then he invites the villagers to participate. When the director sees the joy of the villagers, he smiles for the first time and feels more confident. He can also adequately treat an old movie star who has a small role and receives his recognition. Because of the film, Katsuhiko neglects the job and almost forgets the anniversary of his wife's death. But relatives come and remind him. After the ceremony, one of the relatives tries to give acute advice to Katsuhiko's son. But Katsuhiko energetically defends his son and deserves his amazed gaze. The rain on the last day of filming interrupts the program. But with Katsuhiko's advice, they manage to film the last scene just in time between two rain showers.
Villagers return to everyday life, Katsuhiko's son now works with his father and the director directs the next film. He takes with him a "director's chair" created by Katsuhiko.