All of Aikido

Part 5


The topics of Part 5 are Shomenuchi, Yokomenuchi, Tantodori, Bokkendori and Jodori.
There are shown
Taigi 9 (Shomenuchi)
Taigi 13 (Yokomenuchi)
Taigi 3 (Yokomenuchi)
Taigi 21 (Tantodori)
Taigi 22 (Bokkendori)
Taigi 23 (Jodori).
In the Shomenuchi chapter, the corresponding techniques for attacks without a weapon, with Tanto, with Bokken or with Jo are presented together.
While most Taigi have 6 techniques, the Taigi Tantodori, Bokkendori and Jodori consist of 10 techniques each.

Edition 2023

Part 5 consists of 41 clips.
The final technique in Taigi 13 was named Kokyunage Tenbin in 2003 to improve on the less explicit designation Kokyunage Zenponage. In other styles it is called Udekimenage, which describes well the fierce type of execution there.
In the 2023 edition, the fifth technique in Taigi 3 (Yokomenuchi) is called Sudorinage, following Tohei Sensei.
Yoshigasaki Sensei also shows a Shihonage against Shomenuchi, which has not been taught for a long time. On the other hand, he later stopped using the Ikkyo against Yokomenuchi.
In today's Tsuzukiwaza, the Tantodori techniques are presented in two different Tsuzukiwaza.