All of Aikido

Part 4


The topics of Part 4 are Teateho (17 min), Katadori, Katadori Menuchi und Ryokatadori.
There are shown
Taigi 14 (Katadori)
Taigi 10 (Katadori Menuchi)
Taigi 4 (Ryokatadori).
The Taigi Katadori served to demonstrate the immobilization techniques from Ikkyo to Yonkyo. In other styles of Aikido, Shomenuchi is used for this purpose.

Edition 2023

Part 4 consists of 24 Clips.
In today's Tsuzukiwaza, the Katadori topic no longer appears. On the other hand, Katadori Menuchi and Ryokatadori were only slightly changed.