All of Aikido

Part 3


The topics of Part 3 are Tsuki, Tsuki & Keri, Ushiro Tekubidori, Ushirodori, Ushiro Katatedori Kubishime, Hagaijime und Futari- bzw. Sanningake.
There are shown
Taigi 7 (Tsuki & Keri)
Taigi 19 (Tsuki)
Taigi 6 (Ushirowaza)
Taigi 18 (Ushirowaza)
Taigi 20 (Futarigake-/Sanningake Ryotemochi).
In Chapter 2 Yoshigasaki Sensei shows a series of Hitoriwaza as used in techniques against Tsuki. He performs them without a weapon as well as with tanto and with bokken.

Edition 2023

Part 3 consists of 65 clips.
The designations are still those used in 2003.
In the later Tsuzukiwaza, Ushiro Katatedori Kubishime becomes Ushiro Katatedori and the Ushiro Tekubidori attack is no longer explicitly mentioned.
The terms Futarigake and Niningake are equivalent.