All of Aikido

Part 2


The themes of Part 2 are Ryotedori, Katatedori Ryotemochi and Jonage.
There are
Taigi 8 (Ryotedori)
Taigi 2 (Katatedori Ryotemochi)
Taigi 12 (Katatedori Ryotemochi)
Taigi 24 (Jonage).
With Ryotemochi you can already see the techniques that later form the beginning of Tsuzukiwaza 4 (Ryotemochi).
In the introduction, Marie-Rose and Anne Molitor talk about the location of the shooting, La Bellone. The conversation was transcribed in 2002 and, like in the CD version, it is reproduced here in French, English, German, Italian, Catalan and Spanish.

Edition 2023

Part 2 consists of 48 clips, in Part 1 there were more than a hundred. One reason for this reduction is that the Hitoriwaza forms are now presented with the techniques in a single clip.
The "lateral" Kokyunage in Ryotedori is called Kokyunage Sokumen here, as in other styles of Aikido. In my opinion, the only reason for naming techniques is that in written or oral communication everyone should immediately understand which form of technique is meant.