All of Aikido

Part 1

VHS tapes

From 1999 to 2001, Yoshigasaki Sensei had all his Aikido techniques and exercises filmed. The result was released on 5 VHS tapes. The title is "All of Aikido", which probably means it is all the Aikido that Yoshigasaki Sensei wanted to teach.
A rough table of contents is printed on the packaging of the cassettes. There are no titles, subtitles or spoken comments in the recordings themselves, which consist of around 300 video clips. The techniques are often repeated and not explained. The viewer should gain an impression by watching and learn from it.
The participating Uke and the film crew are named in the credits. It's a very valuable compilation.

CD Edition 2003

Handling the VHS cassettes was too cumbersome to prepare for lessons. B. Boll therefore decided in 2002 to digitize the films. The technical level at that time was not very developed and the quality of the videos on the PC was poor compared to today. In consultation with Yoshigasaki Sensei, the individual clips were given names, mostly the names for the respective techniques. Topics could be found quickly via a web interface and looked at on the computer.
The result was published for interested Aikidoka on 5 CDs. At that time, DVDs were not cheaply available and the Internet was still too slow for videos.


For the CD version, Yoshigasaki Sensei already changed some names. Kokyu Dosa became Zagi Ryotedori and Kotegaeshi became Koteoroshi. However, it is still spoken of Tenkan and not yet of Tenshin. A reintroduced Zenponage against Yokomenuchi was named Tenbinnage (Part 5).
In Part 1 Yoshigasaki Sensei shows - in chronological order -
Taigi 27 (Jo 1)
Taigi 28 (Jo 2)
Taigi 25 (Bokken 1)
Taigi 26 (Bokken 2)
Taigi 29 (Kumitachi)
Taigi 30 (Shinken)
Taigi 16 (Suwariwaza)
Taigi 17 (Zagi Handachi)
Taigi 1 (Katatedori Tenkan)
Taigi 11 (Katatedori/Katatekosadori)
It is the Taigi developed by Tohei Sensei, each with 6 techniques.
In Part 3 and Part 4, short sequences of techniques are already referred to as Tsuzukiwaza. As is well known, the Taigi were later replaced by the Tsuzukiwaza.
Under the title Zagi Ryotedori, Yoshigasaki Sensei showed in 1999 some techniques which later became Tsuzukiwaza 14 (Suwariwaza). The new techniques were dubbed Kokyunage 1 to 5. In a recent published article Mihály Dobróka reports on similar techniques in Daito-ryu, which were documented before 1900.

Edition 2023

A few years later, the original recordings were professionally digitized and published on the internet in 2016. The clips were re-edited and are now easily accessible here. The classification follows the CDs from 2003, the designations are all up to date from 2003. Although some forms have been changed or are no longer practiced due to the constant development of Aikido, these clips may be useful in preparing for lessons.