Prague November 2022

Seminar with Bernhard Boll


From November 4th to 6th, 2022 took place the annual seminar in Michal Hájek's dojo in Prague with Bernhard Boll. As always, the group of participants was limited. The dojo leaders present from Balerna, Prague, Nuremberg and Vienna were able to exchange information about the content and to respond to the questions of the participants. That is the great advantage of seminars with a small number of participants. All dojo leaders took over parts of the lessons and also got involved by studying the techniques and exercises with their exercise partners.
The program of the seminar consisted of the Tsuzukiwaza as intended for the 1st Dan exam. Some interesting questions came up for discussion. E.g. why does Nikyo work, how does Uke behave intelligently in this context? Is it really necessary to attack Nage on the back foot in Tsuzukiwaza 8, first technique? Does the jumped-in kokyunage irimi as in katatedori ryote mochi also apply to katatedori? With the big sweeping blow in Happogiri, should you imagine cutting the potential attackers or should the bokken cut the space with ki?

The realization of the Aikido techniques is largely determined by the ideas that Nage and Uke have of the situation and the purpose of the exercise. On the one hand there are simple and practical considerations and on the other hand the techniques can be artistically enhanced in order to realize superior ideas on the mat. The imagination for which purpose an Aikido technique is practiced on the tatami determines the actual realization. There may be different interpretations from case to case. In any case, it is important that we practice seriously and intensively. This is how the objective of a free mind and a healthy and capable body can be achieved in the long run.
As always, the gastronomic and social aspect of this seminar was important. Although the management and staff of the Božská komedie had changed during the difficult Covid times, the cooking there was excellent as always. On the other hand, the usual restaurant on Saturday evening in the center was extremely loud this time, so that conversation was hardly possible. But on Sunday noon the soup from the dojo leader's house and Jana's chocolate cake were top class again.
We hope to meet again soon at a seminar in Vienna or Balerna.

Group Foto Saturday Afternoon

Seminar in Prag 2022