Vercelli Octobre 2022

Seminar with Mario Peloni and Maurizio Volpe


For the October weekend from October 29th to 30th, 2022, the Dojo Ronin Ki-Aikido Vercelli had invited to an Aikido seminar. Teachers were Mario Peloni (Florence) and Maurizio Volpe (Novara), both 9th Dan.
Maurizio started with Tsuzukiwaza 23 (Bokkendori) on Saturday morning. Since Yoshigasaki Sensei revised these sequences a few years ago, this Tsuzukiwaza consists of ten forms. There are many subtleties to consider.
After a short break, Mario continued the lesson. First he led the stretching. Then followed the kenkotaiso with the jo and a series of basic attacks with the jo like shomenuchi, yokomenuchi, yokobarai, douchi and ashibarai. This was in preparation for the jo versus jo exercises featured in the 3rd kyu program. Mario showed the variants with and without falling of uke.
In the afternoon he showed Tsuzukiwaza 24 (Jodori). He evaluated various variants with a view to functionality and efficiency.
Maurizio then concluded the day with multi-person attack drills. He showed basic techniques to succeed against multiple attackers on the mat. Finally, Matteo demonstrated an example against 4 attackers.


Group photo from saturday morning

Seminar in Vercelli 2022

Photos: Bernhard, Francesco