8.7. - 10.7.2022
Bernhard Boll

Seminar in Nürnberg, July 2022

The annual summer seminar in Christian Veith's dojo in Nuremberg took place from July 8th to 10th, 2022.

Seminar Nürnberd 2022


Friday evening began with the handing over of the certificate for JODEN to Ryan from Vienna. The training started with the repetition of all Hitoriwaza Bokken exercises as they appear in the program up to the 1st Kyu. Manja from Vienna then showed the Tsuzukiwaza 23 (Bokkendori). The Shomenuchi Kokyunage element was then practiced and refined by all participants. Especially for the Kyu grades on the mat, the Tsuzukiwaza 3 (ryotemochi) followed. If Ryotemochi is understood somewhat realistically, very specific positions of the hand, wrist and forearm help to be able to perform the techniques fluently and harmoniously.

Seminar Nürnberg 2022

Saturday morning

Some other participants joined on Saturday. They came from Nuremberg, Trebur, Hechingen, Vienna, Prague and Balerna. The Dojo Hechingen formed the largest group with 6 Aikidoka (Waldemar, Stefan, Hamza, Anna, Michail and Jonas). Waldemar and Stefan from Hechingen received their NIDAN certificates. The training started with Misogi, which was led by Michal from Prague. After the Ki breathing while standing, the forms of Ki Musubi followed. The conclusion was an intensive Bokken Misogi.

After a short break we continued. Hamza led the first Kenkotaiso, Claudia from Nuremberg the second and Manja showed the Tsuzukiwaza 22 (Tantodori 2).
A third of the participants were second Dan, so next up was the Tsuzukiwaza 5 (Ryokatadori). Because Uke grabs the Dogi from the front on both shoulders, there is a good contact with Nage. With these prerequisites, Nage can lead well and Uke can throw nicely, which is a lot of fun.
Then Manja showed the Tsuzukiwaza 6 (Ushirodori). Bernhard had the fifth technique practiced, Hagaijime Kokyunage. If Nage allows Uke to get a very tight grip, it becomes difficult to break free from this grip.

Seminar in Nürnberg, Juli 2022

Saturday afternoon

At the beginning of the afternoon training, Manja was asked to demonstrate the Tsuzukiwaza 15 (Ushiro Ryokatadori). Then there was material for the second Dan again: Tsuzukiwaza 9 (Tsuki and Keri).
The final four techniques of Tsuzukiwaza 9 are kicks, maegeri, and mawashigeri. This is somewhat unusual for Aikido. In three of these techniques, Uke's leg gets blocked. Then Uke must have enough time to get into a form from which he/she can roll away easily. These are situations where injuries can happen.
Because of the upcoming exams Bernhard took some pace out of the training and let the participants practice all Hitoriwaza forms of Jo 1, Jo 2, Bokken 1 and Bokken 2 in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The Kyugrade were also fit in these forms. They have been practiced frequently in the last two years when contact training could not be practiced due to Covid.
Now it was getting serious. Hamza and Claudia took the CHUDEN exam. They were well prepared and passed it with no problems. After that, Manja took the NIDAN exam. Hamza and Stefan from Hechingen, Claudia from Nuremberg, Michal from Prague and Ryan from Vienna acted as Uke. They took special care to attack well. This resulted in very harmonious movements, so that it was a pleasure to watch the performances. You could literally see the Ki flowing. Of course, Manja also passed her exam with flying colours.

At the end, Bernhard had three long and intricate forms of Ikkyo, Koteoroshi and Shihonage practiced for the Ushiro Ryotekubidori attack.
The evening ended together in a beer garden.


Sunday started with Kenkotaiso, stretching and Shikko exercises. On the occasion of Tsuzukiwaza 14 (Suwariwaza Ryotedori) and especially because of the strange attack in the first four techniques, which may not have been unusual for samurai, Bernhard began with an excursus on the history of the samurai. You can find a summary here in the BLOG. So the Tsuzukiwaza could be practiced even more intensively.

After a short break Bernhard asked Michal to show the AEIOU breathing. Michal explained the movements and stressed that the essence of the exercise is not the respiration but the vibrations generated by the different vowels.
Then Christian and Michal performed the Tsuzukiwaza 17 (Katadori Menuchi). From this, Bernhard had the two techniques Udemawashi and Kokyunage Hachinoji practiced, which offer a good opportunity to practice and internalize flowing forms.
The last topic was Bokken and Jo 1, as it is intended for the third Dan exam. The main role is played by the person with the Bokken and it needs to be clarified what exactly the Bokken part should be able to demonstrate. There was enough time for intensive practice up to number 13.
Ryan and Stefan then performed the entire Tsuzukiwaza 17.

At the end of the course there was a delicious Thai-style vegetable soup that Claudia had prepared – and of course many other delicious things.
The participants then packed their things and headed home. Some of them will meet again in mid-August at the seminar in Baske Ostarije, Velebit (HR). In Germany, the seminar with Maurizio and Bernhard in Trebur is on the program at the end of September.