Francesco Ingemi and Giuseppe de Matteo

Seminar in Balerna, März 2022

The ATKA (Associazione Ticinese Ki Aikido) Balerna had invited for the last Saturday in March 2022 to a seminar with two fourth Dan. This followed a suggestion by Yoshigasaki Sensei. Since it was the first seminar in a planned series, no seminar fees were charged. The Aikidoka from Switzerland and Italy were happy to be able to practice together again. Francesco Ingemi and Giuseppe de Matteo shared the role of teacher.

Seminar Balerna

On Saturday morning

Francesco began with Kenkotaiso and Aikitaiso. He then explained Tsuzukiwaza 7 Shomenuchi.
After a short break, Giuseppe followed with Tantodori 1.
Although most of the participants had practiced the techniques already, it was very interesting how the two teachers explained the subtleties. While Yoshigasaki Sensei's seminars were characterized by the feeling that he was always teaching something new, here you could clearly see how the individual dojos have developed their own didactics to explain Aikido and its techniques. This, of course, enriches the practice.

During the lunch break, most of the participants went on foot and in sunny weather to the Grotto di Mulino in the Breggia Gorges Natural Park. In a relaxed atmosphere there was a common menu, which tasted very good again. At the tables, conversations arose about the current situation of Ki Aikido and how best to proceed.

Seminar in Balerna, März 2022

On Saturday afternoon, the sun shone more directly through the large wall of glass blocks into the hall. It was quite warm on the mat. There were even some participants who had not yet been present in the morning.
Francesco started with Tsuzukiwaza 28 Bokken 2, as required in the 2nd Dan exam. He showed and explained in particular the entrance with Shomenuchi in the very first technique, as it had been developed by Gianni Gioconto Shihan many years ago.
Giuseppe then took over the last part of the lessons. He taught special techniques for the 1st and 2nd Dan. He emphasized that he does not want to fight in Aikido and that it is important to lead the mind of the partner.

At the end of the seminar, Yvette thanked the two teachers for the beautiful lessons and the participants for their coming. The next seminar in Balerna will take place on April 30. The mood during the seminar was very positive. Everyone was happy to be able to practice together again. The explanations of the teachers were also very interesting and motivating. Only the older participants felt the physical strain of the activities on the mat in the following days. We are looking forward to seeing our Aikido friends again soon at the next seminar.

Seminar in Balerna, März 2022