Haigerloch March 2022

Seminar with Maurizio Volpe, Bernhard Boll and Helmut Schweinzer

Seminar in Haigerloch 2022


Almost exactly two years after the last Aikido seminar in Hechingen with Bernhard, the Verein für Ki, Aikido und Gesundheit e.V. invited again to a seminar. This time also with Maurizio Volpe as a teacher and together with the Ki Aikido Haigerloch, which provided the hall and carried out the organization. Many thanks to the chairman Thomas, the head instructor Lisbeth and the treasurer Jürgen.
At the beginning of the seminar on Saturday morning, almost two dozen participants had arrived, from dojos in Italy, Switzerland, Trebur, Nuremberg, Erlangen, Stuttgart, VS-Pfaffenweiler, Deisslingen, Balingen and of course from Hechingen and Haigerloch.

Saturday was all about the exam program for the second Dan. Maurizio and Bernhard taught the corresponding Tsuzukiwaza. They were supported by Helmut from Erlangen, who agreed at short notice to also take over a part of the lessons.
The KAH had organized the catering for the lunch break. There were large pizzas, which arrived a little later than expected, but then found great acceptance.
Around 17:30 h the exams began. First, Leon from Hechingen and Dieter from Trebur took the CHUDEN exam. This was followed by the exams for the second Dan. The program is quite extensive, it consists of a total of eight Tsuzukiwaza. The examinees Stefan from Hechingen and Hans-Jürgen and Volker from Trebur were also strongly challenged in terms of condition. Thus, even minor mistakes could be made, which did not jeopardize the success. As Maurizio said at the end, every exam is always a new beginning for further development on the path of Aikido.
The majority of the participants then met for dinner in the restaurant Domaine in Hechingen. Stefan had reserved a room. So we were among ourselves and were able to celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere and also discuss current topics.

On Sunday, the three teachers taught topics from the program of the fourth Dan. These were Tsuzukiwaza 29 (Kumitachi), Tsuzukiwaza 20 (Jonage) and Tsuzukiwaza 30 (Shinken). These techniques require a high degree of concentration and sensitive execution. The main addressees were Lisbeth and Christian, who then repeatedly demonstrated parts or the whole Tsuzukiwaza.
The seminar ended with the putting away the tatami together and warm farewells. We hope to meet on the tatami again soon.

Seminar in Haigerloch 2022