Dormelletto February 2022

Seminar with Maurizio Volpe

Seminar in Dormelletto 2022


Domenico Saido from Ki Aikido Arona had invited to a seminar with Maurizio Volpe in Dormelletto at the southern end of Lake Maggiore in Piedmont. The seminar took place in the Ki Aikido Dojo Arona, located in the Martial Arts Center (Centro Arti Marziali) in Via Mazzini. More than two dozen participants were present. A participant from Bologna had the longest journey. The Aikidoka from Balerna (CH) had to adjust to the local Covid conditions. While the Covid passport had been abolished in Switzerland a few days earlier, in Italy ther were still stricter rules applied. Staying in the sports center was only permitted with a mask. On the mat, too, everyone wore the mask at all times, with the exception of the examinees and their uke at the end of the seminar.
However, all participants were happy that they could get together again and practice together.
Maurizio started with kenkotaiso, stretching and aikitaiso. With regard to the forthcoming Ki exam, he had many exercises practiced profoundly with Ki tests.

In the first part of the seminar, Maurizio selected techniques from Tsuzukiwaza 4 (Ryotedori), Tsuzukiwaza 6 (Ushirodori) and Tsuzukiwaza 16 (Ushiro ryokatadori) and had them practiced. Some aikidoka who are preparing for the second dan exam performed them several times in front of all. In the second part there were Tsuzukiwaza 28 (bokken 2 with partner) and Tsuzukiwaza 26 (jo2).
At the end of the seminar there were two exams. Nicola Grande from Turin conducted an exam on CHUDEN. And then Domenico took the 4th Dan exam, which he passed very confidently and convincingly.
After the seminar, most of the participants came to a nearby pizzeria for lunch. Domenico paid for all the drinks because he had passed the exam. Many thanks to him!

Seminar in Dormelletto 2022

Group photo

With masks
Photo: Domenico Saida