Hechingen July 2019

Seminar with Bernhard Boll

Programme 2nd Dan

On 27th and 28th July 2019, the Verein für Ki, Aikido und Gesundheit e.V. held its second workshop of the year in the martial arts centre with Bernhard Boll, who came from Balerna.
In Zurich, he had taken Ryan Jepson from Vienna on board. Ryan practised in Hechingen and Tübingen from 2010 to 2014. He had already been studying in Tübingen for a while when he met Bernhard at the Yoshigasaki seminar in Balerna in 2010 and then joined the Heching Group. In 2014 he opened his own dojo in Vienna as freshborn 1st Dan. Govert had also come from Balerna by motorcycle, Claudia from Nuremberg, from Haigerloch Ludewig and on Sunday also Lisbeth. As a special guest we were able to welcome Norbert, the owner of the martial arts center, who teaches Taekwondo and Kali there. He had no difficulty in implementing the techniques of Aikido. All other participants came from the Dojo Hechingen.
On Saturday, the program of the 2nd Dan was practiced intensively, interrupted only by the lunch break 'Hofgut Domäne'. There too, the day ended in the evening.

Photos from the seminar

Intensive Training

On Sunday, only Hakama wearers were left on the mat. So the level of difficulty was increased again. Obviously, the teacher missed the fact that the participants were very much challenged. In the usual training room of the VfKAG e.V. in the Bachstrasse in Hechingen-Stetten are the wonderfully soft judo mats with textile cover, which were purchased in the 1980s by Gebhard Stein. By the way, they are still well preserved, a sign that they are handled carefully. In the dojo of the martial arts center are the interlocked plastic mats, as you can see in the photos. These cushion much less and are actually a bit too hard for Aikido.
Nevertheless, the workshop was another step on the path of Aiki. The next seminar will come soon!