Movie Data

Titele: UMAMI
Published: 2022
Length: 103 minutes

Director: Slony Sow
Story: Slony Sow
Script: Slony Sow
Music: Frédéric Holyszewski
Production: Oliver-Frost Films, Slony Pictures, Nompareille Productions, Sunny Side Up

Gérard Depardieu: Gabriel Carvin
Sandrine Bonnaire: Louise Carvin
Pierre Richard: Rufus
Rod Paradot: Nino Carvin
Bastien Bouillon: Jean Carvin
You: Noriko
Kyōzō Nagatsuka: Tetsuichi Morita
Eriko Takeda: Fumi Morita
Kyōko Koizumi: Taya
Antoine Duléry: Robert
Zinedine Soualem: Mohamad
Assa Sylla: la bookeuse


Gabriel Carvin (Gérard Depardieu) is one of France's most famous chefs and a foodie through and through. His own family, however, has always come up short with all the culinary career tricks. Regrettably, over the years he has lost his own appetite for life. Even the third award with the crystal star, which his noble restaurant "Monsieur Quelqu'un" is the only restaurant in France to receive, can no longer inspire him. Especially because this is awarded by the restaurant critic with whom his wife is cheating on him.
It was only when he was forced to slow down after a heart attack that the corpulent kitchen professional slowly took control of his life again. In order to find a former cooking opponent, Gabriel travels to Japan. There he wants to finally get behind the secret of UMAMI, a mysterious fifth flavor note. In addition to aromatic noodle soups, old rivalries and many new friendships, the realization that there is more room in life than just a passion and that it is never too late to be part of a family awaits him in distant Japan.