In the future

in Japan, the government introduces a free euthanasia program for people over 75 to counteract the aging of the population. Michi, a 78-year-old widow, works in room service at a hostel with other women of the same age. They get fired because they don't want anyone to die at work. Unable to find new work, she decides to take part in this "Plan 75" program.

Movie Data

Title: PLAN 75
Original title:PLAN 75 プランななじゅうご
Publication: 2022
Length: 112 minutes

Director: Chie Hayakawa
Story: Jason Gray
Script: Hideho Urata
Music: Rémi Boubal
Production: Loaded Films, Urban Factory, Happinet-Phantom Studios, Dongyu Club, WOWOW, Fusee

Chieko Baisho: Masahiro Takashima
Hayato Isomura: Hiromu Okabe
Stefanie Arianne: Maria
Taka Takao: Uncle Yokio Okabe
Yumi Kawai: Yoko Marimiya
Hisaki Okata: Ineko
Kazuysohi Kushida: Fujimaru


"Plan 75" is the first feature film by Japanese director Chie Hayakawa. A portrait of a woman and the three people responsible for her planned euthanasia.
In her directorial debut, the young Japanese director deals with a serious subject. Like some other industrialized countries, Japan is also suffering from an increasing aging of its society. One of the consequences is the rising cost of social services and pensions. Old people also block housing, which is scarce and expensive in Japan. In a personal conversation, Hayakawa said that there was actually a hostile mood among the younger generation towards the older generation. This atmosphere is the basis for her film. She was inspired for the development of her dystopia by a real criminal case in which a young man killed several elderly people and justified his act by saying that he wanted to make society easier.
The film is about finding a solution to this violence and frustration towards the elderly. The state develops «Plan 75». All people over 75 are entitled to free euthanasia, including cremation and burial in a mass grave, and even receive a bonus of 100,000 Yen. Various professional fields for young people are emerging around this new facility: you have to recruit and ultimately mentor the possible candidates as soon as they have enrolled in the program – because of course they have the right to change their minds even at the last moment, but that should be avoided.
The director presents this uncanny idea in such a dry way that it doesn't take long to see it as realistic. In general, the film has an almost documentary character. It is sensitive and shows peculiarities of Japanese society. «Plan 75» is touching and stimulates reflection.
After, Teresa Vena.

In one scene, the news is heard from the off on TV about how economically successful Plan 75 is. It has generated multi-billion dollar sales in the private sector. Therefore, the entry age should be lowered to 65 years.

An article from July 2023, addressing the situation.