Ochazuke no Aji


The tast of green tea over rice

Men at home

What is more interesting, watching bike races or playing pachinko?

Women on a trip

The women can enjoy their trip because they lied to their husbands.

Movie Data

Title: The taste of green tea over rice
Original title: お茶漬の味 Ochazuke no Aji
Published: 1952
Length: 115 minutes

Director: Yasujirō Ozu
Script: Kōgo Noda, Yasujirō Ozu
Music: Ichirō Saitō

Shin Saburi : Mokichi Satake
Michiyo Kogure: Taeko Satake
Kōji Tsuruta: Non-chan / Noboru Okada
Ryū Chishū: Sadao Hirayama
Chikage Awashima: Aya Amamiya
Keiko Tsushima: Setsuko Yamauchi
Kuniko Miyake: Chizu Yamauchi
Eijirō Yanagi: Naosuke Yamauchi


Taeko and Mokichi Satake are a childless couple living in Tokyo. As a department manager in a company, he is responsible for technical products, while she does not have to work.
The film offers an interesting insight into Japan in the early 1950s. It is about the topic of arranged marriages and what then becomes of them in everyday life. The film shows the emotional state of the people involved in calm and sensitive images.
When Taeko and Mokichi talk openly to each other, they also find a solution how they can live well together.