Vacation in a special atmosphere

Gymnastics for everyone

Movie Data

Title: Glasses
Original title: めがね Megane
Published: 2007
Length: 106 min

Director: Naoko Ogigami
Script: Naoko Ogigami
Music: Takahiro Kaneko

Satomi Kobayashi : Taeko
Masako Motai : Sakura
Mikako Ichikawa : Haruna
Ken Mitsuishi: Yuji


Megane tells the story of Taeko, an uptight city woman, vacationing on a quaint Japanese island. Upon arriving at the Hamada Inn, she meets the eccentric inhabitants of the island: Sakura, an older woman who runs a shaved ice stand on the island during the spring season, but accepts no money; Haruna, a biology teacher; and Yuji the innkeeper.
Sakura has invented a light aerobics program which is performed every morning at the beach side. Yuji attempts to explain "twilighting" to Takeo, a local pastime consisting of thinking or non-thinking while staring off into the horizon.
After a few days Taeko becomes fed up with the quirkiness of the inn's residents and checks into the Marine Palace, the island's other hotel, but rapidly realizes that the forced labor mentality at the Marine Palace is not to her liking. With the help of Sakura Taeko returns to the inn where she is later joined by a former student, Yomogi and slowly learns to accept and then love the inn's unique way of living.