Hana no ato


After the flowers

1 Cherry blossoms

2 Friendly duel


Title: Hana no ato
Original: 花のあと Hana no ato
Published: 2010
Length: 111 min

Director: Kenji Nakanishi
Script: Shuhei Fujisawa, Yasuo Hasegawa, Kenzaburo Iida
Music: Satoshi Takebe

Keito Kitagawa: Ito
Masashiro Komoto : Saisuke
Shuntaro Miyao: Magoshiro Eguchi


After the flowers - a love story told by the grandmother to her grandchildren:
The story is that of Ito the daughter of a high provincial official who is very good at using the sword, an atypical quality for the time. In a tight training challenge with Magoshiro Eguchi, a lower-ranking samurai, their eyes meet and remain hooked for a moment. That moment will be enough to love him in silence for a lifetime, in the awareness of the impossibility of marrying him for difference in rank. When Magoshiro is pushed to seppuku for an intrigue hatched by his wife's lover, she will avenge him. She gets help by her long-promised future husband, Saisuke, who she doesn't think is that great at first.
The film shows us intrigues that exploit the honor rules of the samurai society as well as beautiful images of cherry blossoms and Japanese ambience.

The film's song

Sung by Hitoto Yo (一青 窈), a Taiwanese light music singer in Japan.