Hana no ato


After the flowers

1 Cherry blossoms

2 Friendly duel


Title: Hana no ato
Original: 花のあと Hana no ato
Published: 2010
Length: 111 min

Director: Kenji Nakanishi
Script: Shuhei Fujisawa, Yasuo Hasegawa, Kenzaburo Iida
Music: Satoshi Takebe

Keito Kitagawa: Ito
Masashiro Komoto : Sasuke


After the flowers - a love story
The story is that of the daughter of a high provincial official who is very good at using the sword, an atypical quality for the time. In a tight training challenge with a lower-ranking samurai, their eyes meet and remain hooked for a moment. That moment will be enough to love him in silence for a lifetime, in the awareness of the impossibility of marrying him for difference in rank. When he is pushed to seppuku for an intrigue hatched by his wife's lover, she will avenge him.