Kirschblüten Hanami

Cherry Blossoms


A story of the daily grind, parents and children, of longings and things that cannot be changed.

Movie Data

Original title: Kirschblüten Hanami
English title: Cherry Blossoms
Published: 2008
Length: 121 minutes

Director: Doris Dörrie
Script: Doris Dörrie
Music: Claus Bantzer

Elmar Wepper: Rudi Angermeier
Hannelore Elsner: Trudi Angermeier
Aya Irizuki: Yu
Nadja Uhl: Franzi
Maximilian Brückner: Karl Angermeier
Birgit Minichmayr: Karolin Angermeier
Felix Eitner: Klaus Angermeier
Floriane Daniel: Emma Angermeier
Celine Tanneberger: Celine Angermeier
Robert Döhlert: Robert Angermeier


Trudi and Rudi Angermeier live secluded in rural Schongau in Bavaria. After a medical examination, Trudi learns that her husband is seriously ill and does not have much longer to live. The doctor suggests last joint activities. Trudi decides to keep the disease a secret. She persuades Rudi to visit some of her children and grandchildren in Berlin with her. Once there, however, the two discover that their children are so busy with their own lives that they do not care about their parents.
They then decide to go to the Baltic Sea. Trudi dies unexpectedly there. Rudi is completely thrown off track and doesn't know how to proceed. When he finds out from his daughter's girlfriend that Trudi had given up her own life plans for his sake, he sees his deceased wife with new eyes.
The film tells the story of the terminally ill Rudi, who travels to Japan after the unexpected death of his wife Trudi in order to make up for her lost life.


A work that really goes to the heart. And never slips into embarrassment. This is mainly thanks to the main actors, who show themselves here old and unvarnished.
In a touching and melancholy way, the film revolves around love and death, grief work and family relationships and Japan as a perspective for a new meaning in life.