Ah, Haru

Ups, Spring !


The 1998 film shows the everyday life of a family between the death of a spouse, loss of a job, the appearance of a missing father, inheritance disputes and parenting. It is based on a novel by Masahiko Murakami and is cast with renowned actors.

Movie Data

Original title: あ、春 Ah, Haru
International title: Wait and see ...
Original language: Japanese
Published: 1998
Length: 101 minutes

Director: Shinji Sōmai
Script: Fumihiro Nakajima, Masahiko Murakami

Kōichi Satō: Hiroshi Nirasaki
Yuki Saitō: Mizuho, wife of Hiroshi
Tsutomu Yamazaki: Sasaichi, father of Hiroshi
Shiho Fujimura: mother of Mizuho
Sumiko Fuji: Kimiyi, mother of Hiroshi
Chisako Hara: aunt of Mizuho
Michiko Kawai: nurse
Hōka Kinoshita: drunken man
Kyoko Mitsubayashi: Yaeko Togashi, wife of Sasaichi
Tomokazu Miura: brother of Hiroshi
Kimiko Yo: wife of the brother of Hiroshi
Takehiro Murata: Sawachika, collegue of Hiroshi
Keita Okada: Mitsuru, son of Hiroshi
Tsurube Shōfukutei: priest
Minori Terada: trucker
Shin'ya Tsukamoto: doctor

The movie

Hiroshi Nirasaki is a stock broker in financial trouble. His situation becomes even more complicated when an eccentric alcoholic man who claims to be his officially deceased father bursts into his life.

"Unobtrusive screenplay, unhurried camera work, little use of additional lighting, slow tracking shots. Sparing use of close-ups contributes to a disarmingly intimate look at the family. All the characters are fresh and unpredictable. There are many moments of humor or pathos, with the chickens in the garden playing an important role. The performances are top-notch throughout, even in the subplots, which feel more like a glimpse of real life than decoration." manton29

"This film is interesting because it shows an aspect of modern Japanese life that westerners don't often get to see." steve