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an orchestra rehearsal

Orchestra rehearsal

This is a part of a short film from 1933 with the comedians Karl Valentin as musician (trumpet, violin, kettledrum and drum) and Lisl Karlstadt, a woman dressed as a man, as conductor. They speak the language of Munich, which is a Bavarian dialect that is not too strong. But, translation cannot reproduce all puns. Unfortunately the artist, who wrote many works, only became truly famous about 20 years after his death in 1947.
The music pieces:
March "Wien bleibt Wien!" by Johann Schrammel
Barcarolle from "Tales of Hoffmann" by Jacques Offenbach
Overture "Poet and Peasant" by Franz von Suppè

For the physical interaction between musician and conductor see also pages 20 and 71 of "Aikido in Real Life".

Wien bleibt Wien

Urner Musi

Ouverture Poet and Peasant

Wiener Philharmoniker 2021 with Riccardo Muti