Ten years after the great earthquake

Doshu's message in Japanese


The value of life

In summer of 2021, Mihoko-san published a small booklet about the events of the ten years after the great earthquake in eastern Japan "... so as not to forget the many lives that were lost at that time."
–– 命あまた地震に果つ春忘れまじ ––
–– 去りし人よ・東日本大震災十年忌に ––


The booklet reports on the aid efforts carried out by the "Association of small light". It also includes a series of poems mourning the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami.
Aikidoka and dojos have also donated to the aid efforts - via Yoshigasaki Sensei. Mihoko-san recently sent the booklet to donors in Europe through Michael Holm as a token of thanks.
The following donations are listed in detail:
Five hundred thousand Yen from Switzerland, Germany and Italy, fifty thousand Yen from Denmark, two hundred thousand Yen from Sweden and later again one hundred and forty-five thousand Yen from Sweden.

Path of love and respect

Mihoko-san writes like this:
It's been ten years now. So many people were swallowed up by the tsunami and the survivors shed tears of sadness. But around me dearest lives are disappearing one by one. I patiently wait for the sadness to pass.
The foto of the deceased person above and his message.
These are the last words of my younger brother who lived in distant Europe for a long time and taught Aikido in loving connection with his many students.

Through the fifty years of teaching aikido, I found the most important thing is love and respect.
If you respect and follow my intentions, it is a path of love and respect.