and imagination


"How does imagination develop?"


"Imagination develops with questions. Questions arise because there is imagination. Because of this, animals do not ask so much. Animals do not say 'why, why'. Animals say 'I like it, I don't like it'. Instead, humans say 'why, why, why'. This is because humans have imagination. So, with this imagination comes the why. Questions are human. Respecting the human being means answering their questions.
So, there is this idea: a Japanese aikido master does not like questions. And he doesn't respond. This is true, but in normal life, I see that Europeans do not like questions. They do not answer.
I had this experience with a European architect building my dojo (Furusato). I asked a lot of questions and this architect didn't like them.
Europeans don't really like questions in real life. This is my experience. And why? Because the Christian church said 'don't ask questions, believe and follow!' Because Christianity is like that. One must not ask 'but why could Mary make a child without a man? How is this possible?' 'No, no. Do not ask, just believe. Just have trust.'
This is why in normal life Europeans do not ask enough questions. They have confidence. And then after trusting and something went wrong, they begin to complain.
Instead in Japan, before trusting, questions, questions, questions.
An aikido master does not like questions. Why? When you work together you have to ask questions, but when you learn an art, you have to practise without asking. This is important. So, first you practise the art – all arts like music, theatre etc. And after practising sufficiently, then you can ask. But if you haven't practised enough, 'shut up, practise!'
And I think, that's right.
You too, you do it the same way if you want to learn theatre, music etc.
So, what can I do? What I do, I imagine your questions and before you ask, I give the answer. In this way it's better. And then you need to imagine the questions of all human beings. Before other humans have a question, I think about the answer.
An Aikido teacher must think about the students' questions and then without them asking questions to give the answers. And then, you can also imagine the questions of all human beings and try to find an answer for all human beings.

Lesson in Tea Ceremony

From the film NICHI NICHI KORE KOJITSU (Every day - a good day) from 2018.
Noriko and Michiko have their first lesson in tea ceremony at Takeda Sensei.
Do they ask questions?