Tsuzukiwaza 29

Taigi 29 - First Technique

The forerunner of Tsuzukiwaza 29 is Taigi 29, Tachi-Uchi, from Tohei Sensei. Tachi-Uchi 太刀打ち means "crossing the blades, fighting".
Yoshigasaki Sensei has split the first technique of this Taigi, Kote Uchi, into five individual forms. In this way, the logic of the techniques is better to understand. Kumitachi 組太刀 means "sword exercise with partner/in pairs".

Tsugi Ashi

Tsugi Ashi is a formal way to go forward and backward in good posture.
Forward: The front foot goes forward and the rear one follows.
Backwards: The rear foot moves first and the front one follows.
So the legs never cross.


The first form of the Tsuzukiwaza shows the minimal maai, the minimum security distance of the opponents. There is a slight overlap of the Bokken. Posture with Bokken

The Bokken must point to the neck of the partner. Extend Ki. The posture must be correct from the beginning. You should not be obliged to correct later.
Steps 1-2-3
For smooth forward and backward walking, you take rather normal steps. The legs cross each other. This type of walking is also known as Ayumi Ashi 歩み足. At the end, the last foot is is pulled near the other.