Ushiro Ryokatadori Kokyunage

Avoid conflicts and fighting

Ushiro Ryokatadori Kokyunage

1. Do not go against Uke's grip.
2. Create a new common target so that Uke and Nage can follow it.
3. To think of all possible variants and to look for solutions is fighting.
4. Uke following the new target must be led past Nage. This is how Nage gets outside of the confrontation zone which is behind Uke.

See also "ALL OF AIKIDO", Part 2, Chapter 17

no conflict

No conflict

A. The intentions of Nage and Uke go against each other. They meet at a point that is thereby fixed and remains immovable. Even if they manage to move this point, they remain mentally fixed.

B. A popular interpretation of non-conflict is the situation where Nage and Uke are going in the same direction. According to Yoshigaki Sensei, this rarely occurs in everyday life and is therefore not a general solution.

C. Peace without conflict means that both go their own way without disturbing the other. They have different opinions and ways of life, but there is no conflict when they respect each other.

See also "ALL OF AIKIDO", Part 3, Chapter 27.