Empire of Mirrors

In Search of the Japanese Soul

Arte Documentation


Original video (52 min.) at arte.
Soundtracks: German - French
Subtitles: English - Spanish - Polish - Italian


In search of the Japanese soul, journalist and director Bianca Charamsa presents several Japanese artists who comment on the essential peculiarities of Japanese culture.
The actress Kaori Momoi, who played a leading role in the film "Fukushima, mon amour, 2016" by Doris Dörrie, shows the art of drinking tea.
Writer Keiichiro Hirano talks about spirituality in Japan.
The artist Takahiro Iwasaki, who grew up in Hiroshima, comments on catastrophes, transience and the closeness to nature of the Japanese.
Tea master Atsuko Mori shows and explains the tea ceremony and the Japanese understanding of wabi and sabi.
The star architect Tadao Ando builds houses made of concrete for the soul.
The director Naomi Kawase (An - Cherry Blossoms and Red Beans, 2015) talks about the longing of the modern Japanese for home (Furusato).
The Buddhist priest Keiho Nishigaki explains the doctrine of emptiness (Mu).
And finally, the secret of the Ise Shrine is revealed.

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