Yoshigasaki Sensei


Uchiwanage extending Ki

Yoshigasaki Sensei explains, that the Atemi in Uchiwanage serves for extending Ki.

Tsuki with Tanto - Uchiwanage

  • First control the elbow. If you only control the wrist, the knife can slide to you.
  • Lead Uke's arm at the elbow, then block his hand and then do the atemi. According to the form of the arm, the Ki flows towards Uke.
  • Uke should not be injured. You have to use the mind and extend Ki.
  • Hitoriwaza for the entire movement with the correct rhythm.

Uchiwa (leaf fans) and Ōgi or Sensu (folded fans) are two types of fans. The Ōgi is the national fan of Japan, which is said to have been invented by a resident of Tamba Province during the time of Emperor Tenji (668–672). The Uchiwa came from China via Korea to Japan. The commanders of the army used a "Gumbai-uchiwa" as command staff.

Uchiwa - Ōgi - Gumbai-uchiwa