Not defending

Yoshigasaki Sensei


Leading instead of defending

Yoshigasaki Sensei talks about defending in Aikido.
"There are people who train like this (fist-thrusts in left-right combination) ..."

00:10 So, he does it that way. You have to know this danger. Here, if I do it this way (preparing kote oroshi), he comes with the other fist. And then this hand must be able to act accordingly. Here is my hand in front of my fist. So when he attacks, my hand must be able to arrive at his head.
00:40 Therefore, the hand must not be put under the fist, otherwise it is too far down when he comes with the second fist and I can not lead it to his head. However, if my hand is here in front of the fist, it can come to the head. You can see the difference. It's all just mathematics.
01:06 You don't know which side he is attacking with. So if you have to change like that, that doesn't help. This is called a defensive attitude. Defense is not good. It is said that attack is the best defense. That's why Aikido is not a defensive art. This is an illusion. Defending never solves a problem. Leading is not defending. That is important. You have to lead, not to defend. It's always the same thing. Defending human rights does not work. Defending women's rights does not work. That's a bad idea. You have to lead the stupid men!
01:50 Here, if he changes and I do it that way, that is defense. Because I have to defend myself, otherwise he will continue to attack. But you have to lead.
02:00 I lead like this. If he comes with the left, I lead like that. And if he comes with the right, that's what happens here. That is leading. I already know what's going to happen. This means that I imagine the future and I make sure that the world develops in the direction I imagine. And the other side is like that, that is the same.
And after that, ikkyo ...

The recording was made in Ronchamp.