Bokken 2 1-4

Yoshigasaki Sensei


Bokken 2 - Kumitachi

Techniques until number 4.
Variants of the attack shomenuchi.
Standardform until number 4.

Bokken 2 - Kumitachi starts with a Shomenuchi plus the following Tsuki. Uke cuts the Ki of Nage and can enter with Tsuki. Nage retreats in Chudan Kamae.
This technique was added to the kata only later. On the one hand, it shows that an attack with Shomenuchi against Nage in Chudan Kamae is possible. On the other hand, the retreat of Nage shifts the positions of the actors and the kata can thus end spatially where it began. This first movement is not counted; so the counting of the original kata can be maintained.
Uke can also attack in another way, e.g. by running towards Nage in Jodan. In this case, Nage can not dodge in the same rhythm as before. It is better to make a large diagonal cut upwards from Jodan Kamae.
When Uke approaches towards Nage in Chudan Kamae, who is also in Chudan Kamae, Nage can react accordingly with a short cut upwards. This is number 1.
Numbers 2, 3 and 4 are Yokomenuchi of Nage. Uke retreats in Chudan. These three techniques are the abstraction of the situation that three attackers come in and attack with Shomenuchi.
At the end of the video clip, the entire sequence from the first attack until Yokomenuchi at number 4 is shown.

Life-and-death struggle

Saitō Hajime is an ice-cold officer with the Shinsengumi. At a banquet, he is annoyed by the talk of the naïve newcomer Yoshimura Kanichiro, who talks in detail about his homeland and his family. So he decides to kill him on the way home.
When Saitō realizes that he can't win against Yoshimura, he puts the whole thing as a joke.
He criticizes Yoshimura for not being ready to die as it is appropriate for a samurai. Yoshimura explains that he only kills in order to survive himself. On the other hand, Saitō lives only because no one manages to kill him.
From the film "Mibu Gishi Den (2002)"