Kumitachi Basics

Yoshigasaki Sensei


Kumitachi as a sequence of acts

Partner exercises Bokken with Bokken are called Kumitachi (組太刀. Kumi=group,couple and tachi=sword.
In this video Yoshigasaki Sensei explains the basics of the practise.

Yoshigasaki Sensei:
"The movements are carried out consciously and with full perception. As soon as you perceive a danger, you have to stop. This applies to both Uke and Nage.
Even in daily life, it is better to stop at an obstacle and only then act instead of reacting automatically.
Acting directly in the kumitachi is like cheating. But you can learn stopping.
It's different in sports. The conditions of a competition are fixed. The reactions can be trained.
In daily life the environment is always changing. Therefore, it is better to stop first and act then.
A kumitachi is therefore not a competition and not a reaction test but a sequence of acts. With each stop, several possibilities open up, of which you choose one."

Yoshigasaki Sensei describes here how he wants the kumitachi to be executed.
Not desirable are competition behavior as well as blocking or defeating the partner.
Experience shows that in a real situation very fast unconscious reactions can happen that protect you from harm. Anyone who practices an aggressive martial art runs the risk that the reactions can be destructive and sometimes even fatal. The constant non-aggressive practice in Aikido also trains the unconscious and protects against such dangerous consequences.