Tsuzukiwaza 16 - Handachi

Part 2


Tsuki koteoroshi

Nage straightens up from seiza into handachi. He controls Uke's elbow and his hand. So he can bring down Uke with koteoroshi and fix him.

Ashidori 1

Against a kicking attack from the front, Nage can swerve to the side. He clamps Uke's leg between his arms and pushes him back with his shoulder and arm.

Ashidori 2

If Nage swerls to the other side, he can control Uke's knee with his closed hand. Uke's foot is fixed on the ground and the thrust on his knee brings him down.

Tsuzukiwaza 16 - Handachi

  1. Osaeru - leading downwards
  2. Kaitennage 1 - tachiwaza
  3. Kaitennage 2 - handachi
  4. Shomenuchi kokyunage - handachi
  5. Tsuki koteoroshi - handachi
  6. Ashidori 1
  7. Ashidori 2