Tsuzukiwaza 16 - Handachi

Part 1


The attack

In the first two techniques, Uke clutches Nage's hips to throw him to the ground. In the dojo, the attack is usually carried out as a simple hold to make the techniques easier to practice. In reality, this simple clinging would be very unwise, as Uke leaves his back to Nage's fists and elbow without protection.
The intention to knock Nage over makes the attack more dynamic. For Nage the right timing, his own stability and the correct forwarding become more important then.

Osaeru - Lead downwards

Uke wants to throw Nage to the ground. For this purpose, he attacks at hip height by diving under the protective arms of Nage. Nage puts his elbow on the neck area of Uke and leads him further and to the ground.

Kaitennage - tachiwaza

When Uke has has succeded in clasping Nage, he can straighten up and stabilize himself. Nage finds a gap in Uke's elbow bend and places there an arm to perform a kaitennage.

Kaitennage - handachi

Uke attacks even further down to grab Nage on his legs and knock him over. Nage goes into handachi and throws Uke similar to kaitennage. Nage must ensure the correct placement of his upper hand.

Shomenuchi kokyunage - handachi

Nage sits in Seiza. In order to be able to parry the shomenuchi, he straightens up in handachi. With his free hand, he guides Uke's mind and fixes him with the other hand on his neck so that he can bring him down.