Tsuzukiwaza 14 - Suwariwaza

Part 2


Kokyunage 5 (hakuchō no mizūmi)

The technique is known as "Swan Lake" (白鳥の湖 - はくちょうのみずうみ - hakuchō no mizūmi).
The arms of Uke are led upwards, Nage looks past one side of Uke and bends down. Then he lowers his arms harmoniously to the his hips.

Ushiro Zenponage

It can happen that after Swan Lake Uke immediately attacks from behind to pull Nage backwards. Therefore, an ushiro ryokatadori zenponage must follow.
Here Uke attacks from obliquely in front. Nage straightens up, relaxes his shoulders and bends his upper body with his stomach forward. That's a pretty stable form. With a big movement of his arms, he leads Uke forward and brings him down.


Uke attacks with ryotedori. Nage straightens out of the seiza and changes to hanmi handachi. To avoid a collision, Nage leads Uke's arms to the side and protects himself with the leg that is closest to Uke. Then Nage gets up completely and finishes shihonage. So he stands on his feet again and can perform the second shihonage in tachiwaza.
If Uke attacks with katatedori, the shihonage can also be carried out in handachi.

Tsuzukiwaza 14

One of the early versions of the Tsuzukiwaza 14. All techniques are executed subsequently on the right and left respectively.

Tsuzukiwaza 14

A version seven years later. After the first Swan Lake follows the first ushiro zenponage. Then comes the second Swan Lake and then the second ushiro zenponage.
The first shihonage is performed here in handachi, although that may be more dangerous for Uke. At the second shihonage Uke gets up. The shihonage in tachiwaza is therefore not shown.