Tsuzukiwaza 14 Part 1


The techniques in Tsuzukiwaza 14 are carried out sitting (Suwariwaza), only the shihonage at the end is in standing. The attack is Ryotetori. In Kokyunage 4, the first attack takes place while sitting, the second from standing. After the first Kokyunage 5 follows the first Kokyunage 6. That is, Uke falls with Kokyunage 5 (hakucho no mizumi) into the area behind Nage and then attacks from the back.
Suwariwaza is a traditional Japanese form, as people sat in Seiza on the tatami. It is a good exercise for acting when sitting and may even be practical.

The Attack

Uke wants to overthrow the seated Nage. To do this, he blocks his arms and presses them against his thigh. Then he can push him with his head or torso. When Nage fights back with arm movements, a combat arises. Instead, Nage only puts his wrists in Nikyo form, and sends his Ki to Uke's shoulders. This creates a connection to Uke.

Kokyunage 1 and Kokyunage 2

Nage establishes a connection to Uke via one arm. To stabilize the form, he puts his left wrist above the left forearm of Uke (Kokyunage 1). He keeps this form and can overturn Uke.
If Uke pushes Nage's arm down too much, Nage can no longer put his arm above Uke's arm. That's why Nage puts his wrist under Uke's arm at Kokyunage 2.

Kokyunage 3

If the distance between Uke and Nage is too small, Nage may no longer be able to move forward. That's why he puts his right knee backwards, putting Uke in trouble and bringing his wrists together. If Nage leads this form far enough upwards, a zenponage is created (as here). If he leads Uke's arms flat to the ground, a kokyunage is created. If Uke is on his back, Nage can fix the arm in the elbow bend.

Kokyunage 4

Nage must not build up resistance, otherwise Uke reacts with a counter-attack.
After the first kokyunage 4, Uke gets up and attacks the seated Nage from above.

Mr. B. sniffs into judo


In order to start the training properly, the instructor checks whether everyone can also fall well.
Mr. B. gets muffins and tries to avoid the exercise. In the end, he manages to change the exercise to his liking.