Exercises with the Jo

The 3 exercises show relations between Jo and Bokken.
1. Double tsuki chūdan (first to the hand, then to the belly).
2. Tsuki chūdan with the ability for uke to counter.
3. Tsuki chūdan with evasion and immediate re-entry and tsuki jōdan.

The forms of the Tsuzukiwaza Jo & Bokken can be found in the "Tsuzukiwaza" menu.

Shoveling snow

This winter we had in some areas much snow. To clear away the snow most people use a snow shovel. The handle of the shovel can be compared to the jo in Aikido. With classic snow shovels (not with a D-handle, see image below on the left) you grip the handle almost exactly as in the case of a jo.
While a thrust with the jo is directed forward, the shovel lifts the snow up and throws it off. The form of the hands and arms is very similar. Therefore snow shoveling is an excellent complement practising with jo in Aikido. You can try out how to exactly hold the shovel and what to do for not getting tired. In this way, the arms develop optimal movements for this type of activity in coordination with the whole body.

Silence CHINMOKU 2016

Silence by Martin Scorses is the second major film version of the novel Chinmoku by Endō Shūsaku (1923-1966). The novel takes place in 1638 and describes mostly historical events in the course of the attempted Christian evangelization of Japan. In this scene the Inquisitor Inoue speaks to Father Rodrigues.
In the film, the missionaries reach their limits. They receive no answers from above to their doubts and questions; hence the title of the novel "Silence". The Japanese famers and fishers understand the teaching according to their own culture, in particular they hope for salvation in paradise. The officials see that this doctrine could be dangerous for the country and take action.
In the film, the different perspectives of Japanese and Western Christian culture become very clear.