The Christmas story

From "The Life of Brian" 1979
What is reality?
Here in this case the three experts just chose the wrong entrance ...
The film was very controversial as it was accused of blasphemy. In the end, even the Vatican gave in. The scene with the extraterrestrial spaceship would prove that no historical realities were shown.
The film is a completely different view of the generally transmitted history and shows with a parallel person how it could have been ...

Toes' exercise

Crawling forward only by toes.
Aikido is good for the feet, because we practice barefoot on the mats. We have a standard exercise especially to strengthen the toes and improve blood circulation, in which we only crawl forward with the help of our toes while standing.

Purpose of the exercise:
Strengthening the feet, especially the toes. Those who only walk in shoes weaken their feet in the long run. This has a negative effect on stability when standing.
The toes cling to the ground, contract and pull the entire foot forward. In the sample video you can see that this is possible with and without socks and on different surfaces. Everyone may choose his own level of difficulty as he likes.
Possible errors:
Sometimes you can see aikidoka bobbing their whole bodies to make it easier to move forward. The exercise is not intended to be this way.
This error is based on the misunderstanding that one should get as far as possible and as quickly as possible. Of course, after having practiced well, you can move forward easily, but that's a secondary effect. To avoid bobbing, you can make sure that your heels always stay on the ground. Experienced Aikidoka feel a certain harmony in the whole body and over time the exercise becomes more and more easy.
In all exercises in Aikido, it is very good to be aware of what they are for. Then, when you can do them in a harmonious way, you can be quite certain, that you have done them correctly.

Sense of reality

Stan wants to be Loretta because he wants to bear children. The revolutionaries of the Popular Front of Judea should fight for this goal.
The scene is a parody of the fragmented revolutionary political groups, which were very numerous in the times when the film was made.