Aikido at home


Magobei lets off steam

From the TV series Naruto Hichou 2018, based on the serial novel by Yoshikawa Eiji (1926).
Magobei is an uprooted Harashi samurai from Awa Tokushima and lived in Edo from nocturnal robbery and killing until recently (1766). Back in Awa there are some difficulties. Reality and his dreams are still extremely different.
Therefore he has to let off steam vigorously in between.

Exercise with little movement at home

At the moment we cannot use the sports hall and therefore cannot practice on the tatami together. Nor can we go outside during the bad weather and practice Jo and Bokken.
At home, in addition to watching videos and reading texts on Aikido, we can also maintain and deepen our Aikido skills. Anyone who has been practicing Aikido for a long time may do so automatically. Then the following hints may be unnecessary.

The 4 basic principles of Tohei are a good help in maintaining inner and outer posture.

1. Keep one point.
Collect the spirit, consciousness or something like that and place it at the so-called "Seika no itten", the One Point in the lower abdomen. This clears the mind and coordinates the body. It allows the mind and body to act freely. That is very healthy.
The phrase "keep one point" is a bit misleading, as it gives the impression that you have to constantly make a conscious effort. It's just the other way around!

2. Relax completely.
When body and mind are naturally coordinated, you can see whether there are any unnecessary tensions in the body. You just let them go off.
A misunderstanding could arise here if you overdo it with relaxation which would lead to not being able to keep a good posture or a free mind.

The exercise can be done in Seiza. Just sit there for a few minutes. But you can also do this while standing. Additionally, one can imagine Ki tests being carried out on oneself, such as in the Ki exams for Kyu degrees. The breathing exercise while sitting is also highly recommended.


An example for good postures

Women power

From Naruto Hichou 2018.
Final countdown with Tabikawa Shūma, Kōga Chie-sama and Otsuna-san.
Three people from Edo meet at Tosadomari Beach on the northeast tip of Shikoku.
Chie is the daughter of the official government spy Kōga Yoami, Tabikawa Shūma is the top student of Yoami's ninja school and unfortunately a little off the right way, Otsuna is an experienced pickpocket and Chie's half-sister.