Lectures from Doshu


These texts have been originally published under the title "Lectures from Doshu, The World" on https://toitsu.dk/lectures_from_doshu/the_world.html.

Why does police violence exist?

Police violence have existed all over the world all the time. It happens when one thinks there are good people and bad people. Most people including police think that good people make good world and bad people make bad world. So, they try to educated or punish bad people in order to create a better world.
This is the reason why people become violent. We have to deal with the total violence of humanity. You have to see the reality of the world that most people in the world are good people and these good people are doing bad things and creating bad world. So good people should be educated so that they never do bad things. Justice in the society is necessary to prevent bad things to happen. It is important to establish a justice in the society but that is not the solution for the violence in this world. How can good people be educated? I have been searching for it for the last 60 years of my life and the only way I found is to help them to see their thoughts and body.
June 4th, 2020

War is not violence.

I can imagine that some readers get very much disturbed by the title and even get violent. War is not violence but it is as bad or even worse than violence. War is stealing from others by killing them. Violence does not necessarily include stealing.
That is why we must deal with war different way from dealing with violence.
As long as one country wants to steal from other countries, war will not stop. People must think deeply if they agree to live their comfortable life without their country stealing from other countries. This is the only way to stop war.
June 5th, 2020

What is racism?

Most people think that normal people are not racist but some people become racists because of the bad education or bad society. That is the mistake. All lives are racist. Microbes, plants and animals are all racist. Racism is animal instinct so any human being can become a racist in some environment.
We have to educate ourselves to be free from this animal instinct which appears as racism.
The basic education is to live and let live. Animal instinct says, „Live and Let Die."
Humans must try to find a way to live and let live. This is the only way to get rid of racism.
June 5th, 2020

After the rain

Scenes from the film 雨あがる Ame agaru 1999

It rains and it keeps raining. A group of travelers has been waiting in an inn for days for the rain to finally stop. They cannot cross the river because it is swollen due to the rain.
Ronin Ihei Misawa travels through Japan with his wife Tayo and is looking for a new master. He too finds shelter in the inn. He is cordially welcomed because of his sincere nature. By chance he sees in the forest the beginning of a duel and can prevent worse. He gets to know the local feudal lord Nagai, who could become his new employer.
The film shows in beautiful pictures the relationships between the people in the inn, the Ronin and his wife and the power games betwen the samurai involved.
For fans of Jo and Bokken there are interesting scenes from trial fights with Bokken and Yari. There are also fights with katana, in which techniques similar to aikido are used and where the blood even splatters brutally.
The protagonist in the film enjoyed obviously a very good (self-) education. He is always friendly and impartial to everyone, so not a racist. He tries to avoid violence as much as possible. But he is able to defend himself.