perception and protection



perceive, do not act
keep relaxed and extend Ki


avoid collisions
instead of applying a technique

Kitsutsuki to Ame

Scenes from the film キツツキと雨 Kitsutsuki to Ame 2011

We are in the middle of a take
The lumberjack Katsuhiko comes into contact with a film crew because the noise of his chainsaw disturbs the filming. Production manager Mr. Torii even urges Katsuhiko to help him find suitable places to shoot. Katsuhiko gets angry about a young crew member, the 25-year-old Koichi. He considers him lazy and slow as his own son Koichi, and he also treats him this way.
The film shows the development of this relationship. In the end the lumberjack helps the director to get out of his insecurity. The film in the film tells a story of zombies and, like the main story, does not spare with humorous and funny moments.