Kotegaeshi Undō & Nikyō Undō


Kotegaeshi Undō

Form and exercise
The term kotegaeshi is used for the exercise, the corresponding technique is called koteoroshi.

Nikyo Undō

Form and exercise
Undō is the Japanese term for exercise in the area of physical exercises.

Year one in the Nord

Scene del film 北の零年 Kita no Zeronen 2005

An epic (the official English title talks of "Year one" whereas the original Japanese title refers to "Year zero")
At the beginning of the Meiji period (since 1868) the rebel clan Inada is condemned to move from the beautiful island of Awaji in central Japan to Hokkaidō.
The film shows the difficulties in building a new life in a strange wilderness. The old social order breaks down and people have to decide which paths they want to take in the future.
The film depicts a period from around 1870 to 1877. The extraordinary epic allows us to understand the effects of social upheaval on people in beautiful and large images for almost three hours.
It may be of interest to Aikidoka that Morihei Ueshiba also participated in the colonization of Hokkaido. However, probably voluntarily.