Mae Ukemi


Mae ukemi

falling forward
1. without touching the tatami with your knee
2. touching the tatami with your knee

Mae ukemi

falling forward
touching the tatami with your knee as partner-exercise

Flavor of Happiness

Scenes from the film しあわせのかおり Shiawase no kaori 2008

A cooking story
Ageing cook, Wang (Fuji Tatsuya) is the chef-owner of a local Chinese restaurant called Little Shanghai. Cooking his favourite dishes from his native Shaoxing in China, his restaurant is favourite with the regular locals which brings it to the attention of a department store, who wants to create a range of dishes for retail.
Their rep, widowed mother Takako (Nakatani Miki), is sent to visit Wang, but she is unable to convince him to do a deal. Persistently visiting his restaurant, she tries each of the dishes and falls in love with the restaurant, whilst uncovering her own desire to learn how to cook for herself. When Wang suffers a stroke and the restaurant is threatened with closure, Takako quits her job and offers to be Wan's apprentice. Reluctant at first, Wan finally accepts, and Takako's major task is to impress some very important clients.