Ushiro ryōtedori zenpōnage and Ushiro katatedori uragaeshi


Ushiro ryōtedori zenpōnage

in the exam for 4th kyu

Ushiro katatedori uragaeshi

in the exam for 4th kyu

Unequal duel

from the film たそがれ清兵衛 Tasogare Seibei 2002

The twilight samurai
The impoverished samurai Seibei is employed as a clerk in the prince's storage office. When his work ends at dawn, he goes home immediately instead of going to a tavern with the other samurai. That is why they mockingly call him "man of the twilight". Seibei sold his katana to pay for the funeral of his recently deceased wife. When he wants to protect people close to him, he lets himself be challenged to a duel. To do this, he starts with a wooden stick.