Ryōtemochi kokyūnage and tantō tsuki ikkyō


Ryōtemochi kokyūnage

in the exam of 5th kyu

ryōtemochi (両手持ち, grabbing with both hands)

Tantō tsuki ikkyō

some aspects to consider

Friendly blow

from the film どら平太 Dora Heita 2000

Alley cat (Playboy)
A new magistrate (played by Kōji Yakusho) in the town of Horisoto—widely reputed to be the most lawless township in Japan, uses guile and his opponents' own misperceptions and prejudices to defeat his enemies and uproot corruption.
His girlfriend disturbs him in his work.


Markus Raetz (6.6.1941 - 14.4.2020)
Swiss Artist

The object appears as an OUI or as a NON, depending on the perspective. The artist created the object out of his imagination. He did not construct it on the computer, as one might suppose today!