Katatedori tenshin kokyūnage and katatedori ikkyō


Katatedori tenshin kokyūnage

from the exam of 5th kyu

Katatedori ikkyō

in the exam for 4th kyu

Friendly duel

from the movie 花 の あ と Hana No Ato 2010

After the flowers - a love story
The story is that of the daughter of a high provincial official who is very good at using the sword, an atypical quality for the time. In a tight training challenge with a lower-ranking samurai, their eyes meet and remain hooked for a moment. That moment will be enough to love him in silence for a lifetime, in the awareness of the impossibility of marrying him for difference in rank. When he is pushed to seppuku for an intrigue hatched by his wife's lover, she will avenge him.